Helicon Technology
Biomedical Engineering Specialists

A division of IQ Medical.

2/86 Mary Street,
Unley South Australia 5061

Telephone: +61 8 8271 6800
Fax:  +61 8 8357 8011

Helicon is a private team of biomedical technicians operating from the southern end of the CBD in Adelaide.

In June 1989 we purchased our present business premises in Gilles Street, which consists of a biomedical engineering laboratory, management and administration offices and large technical library. Helicon Technology Pty Ltd is a privately owned company which was incorporated in 1987. The company has an enviable reputation for service to our clients, which are primarily the Private Hospitals, Surgeries and Laboratories in Adelaide and the metropolitan area.

We are also responsible for maintaining specific equipment types within the Public Hospitals in South Australia, and are national Third Party agents for other products in all Australian states. Our focus is on fast response with a typical response time of two hours or less and rapid turn around of equipment to our local customers. We have the capacity to undertake larger projects by way of accessing a specialised workforce of biomedical technicians on a contract basis, or outsourcing some of our own business from time to time.


We undertake regular equipment training programmes and are well conversed with the most up to date information available in medical and scientific electronics. We are often asked to provide information and advice to hospital management regarding the purchase of new equipment and are able to analyse long term financial aspects of capital purchases.


We have an extensive biomedical engineering database specifically written for tracking medical equipment within the Private Hospital sector. It has taken eight years to develop and can trace equipment history from its purchase to retirement using any method of trace including hospital asset number. A complete equipment history is available including repairs, test results and costs. The database is constantly reviewed and improved according to our needs and as equipment technology changes.


Helicon Technology Pty Ltd recognises its role in the medical community as a responsible corporate citizen and to this end, annually accepts a student from the biomedical engineering degree course at Flinders University, under its Industrial Affiliates Program, overseen by the School of Engineering. This is a work experience program of twenty weeks full time duration and gives young engineers the opportunity to work within their chosen discipline as well as pursue a project which may have a marketable value.

Helicon retains all rights to these projects and intellectual properties associated with the students’ time at Helicon. As well as assisting students, all Helicon technicians are members of the SMBE of South Australia (Society for Medical & Biological Engineering).

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